Aaron Bachman

Software Engineer


I was Born in Central Minnesota and grew up about five miles outside of the small town of Paynesville. I Received a Bachelors degree in Information Systems (major in computer science, minor in business) from Minnesota State University, Mankato and started working in .NET at Brown Printing as an intern for two years while attending classes. I then started my professional career upon graduation within a week at OATI as a full time developer and product owner working primarily in a proprietary scripting language (webPlus) which is similar to PHP.

Currently employed at TravelNet Solutions since 2013 as an engineer on the technology team working in the Hospitality Industry. I am highly skilled in PHP, Zend Framework, Angular, Javascript, and MySQL, AWS Products, Wordpress, and building API Integrations. I've been working remotely (traveling full-time) since 2017 and love my job, check out the map below to see all the places I've been fortunate enough to visited. Also, in 2015 I took a five month sabbatical leave to hike over 1,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, which was an amazing adventure.


Here is a map of places I've traveled.

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My Instagram feed, however I usually update my story so follow me at @aaron.bachman to see more.